The Heart of Alpha Chi Omega: Domestic Violence Awareness

At the 1992 Alpha Chi Omega National Convention, our delegates marked the adoption of Domestic Violence Awareness as our philanthropic project, an issue that affects women all over the world. Together, we serve individuals and families impacted by domestic violence through fundraising and sharing gifts of time and talent with shelters and other service-providing organizations. Alpha Chi Omega also works to educate its own members, giving them tools to build their own healthy relationships, and to raise awareness of domestic violence by educating others on its impact and work being done to end it.

Here at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis Kappa Omega Chapter, we work with local domestic violence shelters, The Julian Center and The Coburn Place.

In October, Domestic Violence Awareness month, Alpha Chi's around the United States proudly wear the color purple. Here at IUPUI, we host our annual Volley Against Violence. A volleyball tournament that allows sororities and fraternities to play in a friendly game of sand volleyball! The entire Greek community comes together to support the fight against domestic violence.

In the spring, Kappa Omega raises awareness for healthy love through Healthy Relationships Week. We run a campaign called #Loveis that showcases the meaning of love through different perspectives. It
feels so rewarding to promote healthy love and to educate our campus on what a healthy relationship is and how to notice signs of unhealthy love.

We also host our our annual Denim Day event in April! Denim Day represents that no victim should be blamed for the clothes on their body as we spread the word about the dangers and importance of domestic violence awareness. We host it in Taylor Courtyard here at IUPUI and spread awareness by laying out jeans with statistical facts on them. It is truly amazing to teach people about the importance of this issue and raise awareness not only through our sisterhood but through IUPUI's campus.