Meet out 2019 VP of Recruitment

Hi everyone!

I chose to run as Alpha Chi Omega’s VP of Recruitment because of my natural leadership skills. I’m never afraid to speak up when I have a new idea to share. I also believe that my personality fits perfectly into what makes a magnificent VP of Recruitment. I am ambitious, fashionable, artistically inclined, charismatic and always remain positive.

As VP of Recruitment for the Kappa Omega Chapter, I plan on building upon the fantastic foundation that has been set before me by past VP’s of Recruitment. Although I have only had the position for a short time, I am already planning our decor, attire, and events to learn how recruitment works and operates. I will ensure that each sister of Alpha Chi views recruitment as an exciting time and is willing to carry on the legacy of Kappa Omega for years to come.

This position really excites me, and I am absolutely honored that I will be trusted with this responsibility. I cannot wait to further plan for the upcoming events and I am so ecstatic to share the genuine warmth of our sisterhood with potential new members in the fall semester!

xoxo, Abby